Click here for more community service requests. Including but not limited to WVU alert system, student athletic ticket help and assistance with the online parking system.

Services (8)


The online parking system allows users to manage permits and parking tickets.

Transfer Equivalency Review Request

Request course credits to be evaluated for transfer equivalency. If you have an active WVU Login account, please sign in before submitting your request. Complete the form with information regarding the transfer course in question.

Transient Course Request

Advisors may use this service to submit Transient Applications for review.

Parent/Guest Portal Support

Request assistance with WVU's Parent/Guest Portal.

Student Questions and Complaints

Grievances and appeals can be submitted through this service.

Study Abroad Request

Advisors may use this service to submit Study Abroad Applications for review.

WVU Emergency Alert System

Request assistance with WVU's emergency alert system.

WVU's Housing Portal for Students (MyHousing)

Request help with MyHousing, WVU's housing portal for students.