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Request to receive notifications and updates for current issues and outages. Do not use this request to log a new issue. To report a new issue or request a service, please search the Service Catalog for the appropriate service.

Adobe Creative Cloud access request for WVU Employees

Bomgar (BeyondTrust) user request login assistance, to report Bomgar login issues, request support or make technician changes to their license pool.

Request HSC website assistance.

Request an iClicker instructor kit or iClicker troubleshooting support.

Sodexo services staff and business managers may use this service to request changes or repairs to the micros touch screen.

Sodexo services staff and business managers may use this service to request changes to the micros menus.

Borrow or purchase an iPad with a mobile device to manage attendance to WVU events. You can also request attendance reports for past events.

Submit questions about charges to your Mountaineer Card or request a refund.

Use this service to report repeated telemarketer calls or calls that you believe are showing a fake caller ID.

Request SOLE assistance.

Use this service for TeamDynamix requests. Submit Knowledge Base or Service Catalog changes, add and remove technicians, report errors or submit a general question about using TeamDynamix.

Request course credits to be evaluated for transfer equivalency. If you have an active WVU Login account, please sign in before submitting your request. Complete the form with information regarding the transfer course in question.

If you have more than 5 courses to submit, please email your 800 number (admitted/current students) or an unofficial transcript (prospective students) to for an initial review of possible equivalencies. Please do not email syllabi to this account.

Use this service to report problems activating or resetting your WVU login account. This request must be submitted by the account holder. The ITS Service Desk can only work with the user named on the account.

Use this service to submit a request for WVU Portal assistance, changes to Portal and announcements.