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Services or Offerings?
Faculty and staff members may use this service to submit inquiries about financial aid, student accounts or services offered through the Office of the University Registrar.

Faculty and staff may request a loaner laptop and/or projector.

Deskside support request for Faculty and Staff who work for Eberly College of Arts and Sciences.

Information Technology Services has regular training sessions for WVU staff, faculty and students.

A component of the Google account provided to each teaching faculty member and student that offers unlimited cloud storage and sharing of files.

Faculty may solicit student feedback on courses electronically by working through the Student Evaluation of Instruction system.

WVU faculty, staff or students may request help from the ITS Training group to create or present training on ITS supported applications, software or systems.

All faculty and staff at WVU are provided an Outlook email account through Microsoft's Office 365 service. Use this service to request help with your Outlook email.

WVU Morgantown Campus faculty and staff may request assistance with quotes or purchasing. This request can also be used to request a computer for new ITS employees.

Request assistance for STAR SSB or STAR INB.

Use this service to report problems activating or resetting your WVU login account. This request must be submitted by the account holder. The ITS Service Desk can only work with the user named on the account.

Request help with your Gmail MIX account (

Request corrections for information displayed in the WVU Online Directory.

Use this service to request assistance with the Classroom Attendance Monitoring.

Use this service to request a Secure Shell (SSH) Gateway for accessing shared computing resources from off-campus.