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Morgantown Campus IT Services maintains a LISTSERV server hosting email lists for announcements or discussion. Any faculty or staff person may request creation of a new list.

Use this service to request support for the StarRez system.

Use this service to submit a request for WVU Portal assistance, changes to Portal, announcements and ALEKS Cohort Code changes.

WVU has a pool of licenses for access to the service, which provides online training on Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud and other software and systems.

Request login account access for someone who does not already have a WVU Login.

You can reset your own Login password or your Login account as a whole to resolve access problems.

Request a preferred first and/or last name to change how your name appears in WVU systems and your WVU email account(s). Please note that changing your preferred name does not automatically update your email account. Submit this request to ensure that your email address is modified to reflect your preferred name.

Request assistance with WVU's emergency alert system.