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Dining services staff and business managers may use this service to request changes to the micro menus.

Borrow a mobile reader to track or manage attendance to a WVU event. You can also use this service to Purchase a Departmental Reader.

Request attendance reports if you have used Mobile Readers for past WVU events.

Submit questions about charges to your Mountaineer Card or request a refund.

HSC maintains a LISTSERV server that hosts announcement and discussion email lists owned by HSC faculty and staff.

Use this service to purchase technician licenses for TeamDynamix.

Purchase a device for Duo two-factor authentication using personal funds.

Purchase fonts for you or your department.

Use this service to report repeated telemarketer calls or calls that you believe are showing a fake caller ID.

Faculty and staff may install Gaussian on WVU-owned computers.

Instructors may request a kit to begin using iClickers in their classroom.

Request SOLE assistance.

Request course credits to be evaluated for transfer equivalency. If you have an active WVU Login account, please sign in before submitting your request. Complete the form with information regarding the transfer course in question.

Use this service to submit a request for WVU Portal assistance, changes to Portal, announcements and ALEKS Cohort Code changes.

Request view-only access to electronic notices of awards.