My Recently Visited Services

Public users, such as parents and potential students, may use this service to submit inquiries about financial aid, student accounts or services offered through the Office of the University Registrar.

Submitting a ticket through this Check-In process will put you in a queue, first come, first served basis. DO NOT provide your Social Security Number or credit card information on this form.

HSC maintains a LISTSERV server that hosts announcement and discussion email lists owned by HSC faculty and staff.

Use this service to request a new Mountaineer Card.

Request course credits to be evaluated for transfer equivalency. If you have an active WVU Login account, please sign in before submitting your request. Complete the form with information regarding the transfer course in question.

Currently enrolled students may use this service to submit inquiries about financial aid, student accounts or student services offered through the Office of the University Registrar.

Submit this form to request approval for technology purchase requests for web application or software, hardware or consulting services.

Advisors may use this service to submit Transient Applications for review.

Any undergraduate student on academic suspension (cumulative GPA below 2.0) is eligible to appeal suspension and apply for contractual readmission (CRP). The application cannot be saved mid-progress. Once you begin, you must complete the application, or you will lose all work. This application is used for your academic appeal, as well as the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal. Each unit (academic college/school and Student Financial and Support Services) will have their own decision process.

Request an iClicker instructor kit or iClicker troubleshooting support.

Request a new Office 365 shared mailbox for use by your department.

Request HSC website assistance.

Students may use this service to submit Advanced Placement Articulation Requests for review.

The Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) provides academic support and resources to empower all who teach.

Request an Office 365 account for a student employee or other approved person.

Request repairs for your work phone or assistance with general phone issues.

A network drive is disk space on a server for individual or group use which functions like an additional hard drive on your on-campus computer. Accessible off campus via MasterApps.

Request help from Davis College IT staff with your office computer or other device.

Request corrections for information displayed in the WVU Online Directory.

Grievances and appeals can be submitted through this service.

Use this request to have an application utilize the WVU Login credentials for authentication. You will need to provide the application name and additional details. You will be contacted for more details after submitting your request. Do not use this service for Duo support!

Submit support requests to the ITS Service Desk.

WVU uses Blackboard's learning management system under our branding of it as eCampus. Every course offered at WVU is included in eCampus, but it is up to each instructor whether to use the course's eCampus site.

Use this service to add a user to Onity.