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Request to connect your voicemail to your email address.

All faculty and staff at WVU are provided an Outlook email account through Microsoft's Office 365 service. Use this service to request help with your Outlook email.

Request help with your Gmail MIX account (

Request an Office 365 account for a student employee or other approved person.

Supervisors may request access to a departing employee’s email account or for the employee to be granted access to their email account beyond their employment date.

Request course credits to be evaluated for transfer equivalency. If you have an active WVU Login account, please sign in before submitting your request. Complete the form with information regarding the transfer course in question.

If you have more than 5 courses to submit, please email your 800 number (admitted/current students) or an unofficial transcript (prospective students) to for an initial review of possible equivalencies. Please do not email syllabi to this account.

Students and employees with an active Login and a sufficient Mountie Bounty balance on their Mountaineer ID cards can print at a variety of locations across campus by uploading a document to a secure web site or by sending the document by email to the address appropriate to the type of printing desired.

Advisors may use this service to submit Prior Learning requests for credit eligible review. Students should not submit a request, email your completed Prior Learning Request.pdf to your advisor.

A component of the Google account provided to each teaching faculty member and student that offers unlimited cloud storage and sharing of files.

Students and employees can request a preferred first and/or last name, ask whether a preferred name is possible in a particular system, or report an issue.

Request LiquidFiles assistance

Request laundry funds be applied to the specified employee.

Advisors may use this service to submit Transient Applications for review.

Any WVU instructor can use this service to submit a request for a test scan. Only scans recorded on NCS Pearson 30423 scantron forms will be accepted.

ITS can provide SSL certificates for websites.