Fri 2/24/17 10:42 AM
UPDATE: Outage resolved. MyAccess, MyTime, Slate and other systems are back online.
Fri 2/24/17 10:25 AM
WVNET is experiencing problems & multiple WVU systems, including MyAccess and MyTime, are affected. We're investigating & will update.
Thu 2/23/17 1:23 PM
'Important message from HR' email is a phishing scam. Don't take the bait. Just delete it.
Wed 2/22/17 1:32 PM
The emergency Wi-Fi upgrade is going well, and service is continuing to approve. We very much appreciate your patience!
Wed 2/22/17 8:31 AM
The Wi-Fi software upgrade is proceeding as planned & we're already seeing improvement. We expect that to continue & will update later today