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.PER File Request for JMP

Request a .PER file from Software Licensing (SLIC).


Academic Advising Support

Students and their advisors can see up-to-date information on progress toward a degree by logging into the DegreeWorks system.

Academic Application Request

Use this service to request for application work on an ITS academic system. This service is not intended for access requests, general use or help assistance.

Access and Training for ITS Supported Reporting Systems

Services to request access or training for MAP reports, Data Miner, Argos, WVU+kc (Kuali) reports and IDEAS.

Add Department Laundry Funds

Request laundry funds be applied to the specified employee.

Add Me to a Current Issue or Outage Ticket

Request to receive notifications and updates for current issues and outages. Do not use this request to log a new issue. To report a new issue or request a service, please search the A-Z Request Index for the appropriate service.

Add User to Onity

Use this service to add a user to Onity.

Administration & Finance Application Request

Use this service to request application work for an ITS administration & finance system. This service is not intended for general use or help assistance.

All Other Telecommunications Requests

Submit a request for general telecommunications assistance. Funding is not required for general questions or assistance, but additional services may require a fee.

Amazon Web Services Account Request

Use this service to request an Amazon Web Services Account.

Anti-virus Software

Free software to protect your personal computer from malware.

Assistance with an Office 365 Shared Mailbox

Request assistance with an existing Office 365 shared mailbox.

Athletics Department Computer Support

Ask for help from the Athletics Department's information technology support staff.


Business and Economics College Computer Support

Request assistance with servers and networks used by the Business and Economics Department.


Computer Labs

Lab requests must FIRST be submitted through 25Live before submitting a ticket through this service.

Conference Calls and Accounts

Request a conference account to host calls with eight or more people or to provide unique, secured call-in numbers.

Connect Voicemail to Email Address

Request to connect your voicemail to your email address.

CPASS Computer Support

Computer support for the College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences.

Current Student Inquiry Submission

Currently enrolled students may use this service to submit inquiries about financial aid, student accounts or student services offered through the Office of the University Registrar.


Data Center Access Request

Supervisors or sponsors may grant access to the Data Center for employees or visitors.

Data Miner Access

Request access to Data Miner, a flexible reporting tool that pulls information from MAP.

Davis College Computer Support

Request help from Davis College IT staff with your office computer or other device.

Departmental Copy and Print Card

Use this service to complete your Departmental Copy and Print Card request.

Digital Measures Support

Request assistance with using the Digital Measures faculty reporting tool.

Dining Services Department Issues or Questions

Dining Services staff can request help or ask questions about the applications used for managing meal plans and dining locations.

Dining Services Micro Menus Updates

Dining services staff and business managers may use this service to request changes to the micro menus.

Duo Two-Factor Authentication Help (Unable to Log Into Site to Submit a Ticket)

Use this service if you are unable to authenticate using Duo, WVU's two-factor authentication application (for example, after getting a new cell phone).

Duo Two-Factor Authentication Support

Request assistance for Duo, WVU's two-factor authentication application.


Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Deskside Support

Deskside support request for Faculty and Staff who work for Eberly College of Arts and Sciences.

eCampus Request System (eRS)

Faculty may make requests related to their courses in eCampus, including requesting access for teaching assistants and others not enrolled in the course, through the eRS system.

eCampus Support

WVU uses Blackboard's learning management system under our branding of it as eCampus. Every course offered at WVU is included in eCampus, but it is up to each instructor whether to use the course's eCampus site.


WVU units use eCommerce stores to sell approved goods and accept online payments.

Electronic Lock Access

This request is to gain access to data closets across campus for those that need in the closets to do their job.

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Submission (ETD)

Graduate students completing masters' theses or doctoral dissertations are required to submit them in electronic form in order to graduate.

Employee Email Request for Students

Request an Office 365 account for a student employee or other approved person.

Enhancements to Meal Plan Options

Dining services staff can submit meal plan enhancements using this service.

Ensure That an Application Requires WVU Credentials for Access

Use this request to have an application utilize the WVU Login credentials for authentication. You will need to provide the application name and additional details. You will be contacted for more details after submitting your request. Do not use this service for Duo support!

Establish, Update or Remove a Dining Location

Dining services staff can establish, update or remove a dining location using this service.


Faculty or Staff Inquiry Submission

Faculty and staff members may use this service to submit inquiries about financial aid, student accounts or services offered through the Office of the University Registrar.

Faculty/Staff Account Assistance (Office 365)

All faculty and staff at WVU are provided an email account through Microsoft's Office 365 service, though the system for HSC is different from the one for other WVU campuses. The service also stores calendars, contacts, tasks and other useful information.


Transfer large or confidential files.

Football and Men’s Basketball Ticket Support for Students

Support for student tickets for football or basketball requested through WVUGame.

FTP-Depot Account Request

Request access to FTP-Depot for data transfers. Only technologists who would need access through this service should use this request.


General Database Administration Request

Use this service for general database requests. This service is not intended for access requests, general use or help assistance.

Geospatial Infrastructure Support

Request assistance with servers and networks used by the Geospatial Research Unit.

Google Drive

A component of the Google account provided to each teaching faculty member and student that offers unlimited cloud storage and sharing of files.


HSC Website Support

Request HSC website assistance.


Identity Management Application Request

Use this service to request for application work on the ITS Identity Management System. This service is not intended for access requests, general use or help assistance.

iDesign Classroom Technology

If the iDesign classroom issue is time critical, please call the hotline at 304-293-2832.

Information Technology Research

If you are unable to find the research related service you need, use this service to submit a request.

Infrastructure Security Assessment

Information Security Services can conduct vulnerability tests on individual systems or a range of network addresses.

Internet2 Access

Access a community of research and education networking organizations.

IT Purchase Request Approval Form

Request ITS and Procurement approval for purchase of computer-related hardware, software and services.

ITS Computer Quotes and Recommendations

WVU Morgantown Campus faculty and staff may request a quote or recommendation from ITS.

ITS Computer Quotes and Recommendations

WVU Morgantown Campus faculty and staff may request a quote or recommendation from ITS.

ITS Laptop Loaner Program

Faculty and staff may request a loaner laptop and/or projector.

ITS Morgantown Campus Desk Side Support

Request ITS Morgantown Campus desk side support.

ITS Morgantown Campus Desk Side Support

Request ITS Morgantown Campus desk side support.

ITS Service Desk General Request

Submit support requests to the ITS Service Desk.

ITS Systems Port Request

Request that particular TCP or UDP ports be opened to specified systems hosted by ITS Systems.

ITS Walk-Up Support

ITS Walk-Up Support Centers


LaunchLab CRM Site Assistance

Use this service to request assistance with the LaunchLab CRM Site.

Let Us Know How We're Doing

Provide feedback on the self-service website (

LISTSERV Problem or Change

Report a problem with or request a change in an existing LISTSERV list.

Login Account Activation or Reset Doesn't Work

Use this service to report problems activating or resetting your WVU login account. This request must be submitted by the account holder. The ITS Service Desk can only work with the user named on the account.

Login Account Request for Visitors, Guests, Consultants and Other Non-Employees

Request login account access for someone who does not already have a WVU Login.

Login Password or Account Reset

You can reset your own Login password or your Login account as a whole to resolve access problems. License Request

Use this service to purchase a license.


MAP (Mountaineer Administrative Processes)

MAP is the official record system for WVU's business processes, such as financial records, human resources information, purchasing data, payroll and many other business transactions.

MAP Account or Access Request

Request new access or change existing access in MAP for yourself or another person.

MasterApps (Citrix) Access Request

Request a change in the set of applications available to you on the MasterApps Citrix server.

Merchant Request to Accept Mountie Bounty

Interested in accepting Mountie Bounty at your place of business? Submit a request and a member of Mountaineer Card Services will be in contact with you.

Microsoft Office (Personally Owned Devices)

Under the University's Office 365 license, current employees and students may install Microsoft Office on up to 5 computers and 5 mobile devices.

Microsoft Office (WVU-Owned Computers)

WVU's license agreement with Microsoft permits the installation of the current version of Microsoft Office on any WVU-owned Windows or Macintosh computer at no charge to the unit using the computer.

MIX Email Assistance

A Gmail account accessible through the WVU Portal or directly is provided for each teaching faculty member and student. Included with the account is access to unlimited Google Drive space for storing and sharing files.

Mobile Reader

Borrow a mobile reader to track or manage attendance to a WVU event. You can also use this service to Purchase a Departmental Reader.

Mobile Reader Event Reporting

Request attendance reports if you have used Mobile Readers for past WVU events.

Modify Speed Dials or Office Phone Expansion Modules

Make changes to speed dials or Busy Lamp Fields on your office phone or make changes to the layout of an expansion module (Side Car).

MorphoTrak Access

Submit access requests for the MorphoTrak system. You may request up to 10 individuals to be added or removed.

Mountaineer Card Charges & Refunds

Submit questions about charges to your Mountaineer Card or request a refund.

Mountaineer Card Contractor Requests

Request Mountaineer Card access for contractors.

Mountaineer Hub Walk-Up Support

Submitting a ticket through this Check-In process will put you in a queue, first come, first served basis. DO NOT provide your Social Security Number or credit card information on this form.

MyExpenses Help

Request help for MyExpenses.


Students and employees with an active Login and a sufficient Mountie Bounty balance on their Mountaineer ID cards can print at a variety of locations across campus by uploading a document to a secure web site or by sending the document by email to the address appropriate to the type of printing desired.

MyTime Support

Request help with a wall clock or your Time Card, Designee, Leave Request or Web Clock applications in MyTime.


Network Drive

A network drive is disk space on a server for individual or group use which functions like an additional hard drive on your on-campus computer. Accessible off campus via MasterApps.

Network Printers and Konica Minolta Copier Service Request

Use this service to request assistance with a Network printer or a Konica Minolta copier.

Network Related Services

Information Technology Network related requests.

New LISTSERV Mailing List (HSC)

HSC maintains a LISTSERV server that hosts announcement and discussion email lists owned by HSC faculty and staff.

New LISTSERV Mailing List (Morgantown Campus/PSC/Tech)

Morgantown Campus IT Services maintains a LISTSERV server hosting email lists for announcements or discussion. Any faculty or staff person may request creation of a new list.

New Office 365 Shared Mailbox

Request a new Office 365 shared mailbox for use by your department.

New Telephone and Voicemail Account

Request a new campus telephone and voicemail account.


Office 365 Application Assistance

Request assistance with a specific Office 365 application, tile or service.

Office 365 Distribution Groups (Mailing Lists)

An Office 365 distribution group can be used to disseminate messages to a group of addresses in the same Office 365 system.

OneDrive for Business

Office 365 service that provides 5 terabytes cloud storage and file sharing.

Online Purchasing (Mountaineer Marketplace)

Mountaineer Marketplace provides a means of making online purchases from vendors with whom the university has contracts.

Other Administrative Account General Help Requests

Request administrative access to other WVU administrative and student data systems such as DBA, CUFS, eSEI, IDEAS, Metalink, OEM, OIM, Parking and ROADS.


Parent/Guest Portal Support

Request assistance with WVU's Parent/Guest Portal.


The online parking system allows users to manage permits and parking tickets.

PCI Revenue Services Deployment

This form is used for new Revenue Services new equipment. This checklist will up updated as the processed is reviewed.

Personal Website

You may request access to the WVU Community web server and maintain a personal website there.

Pilot - Classroom Attendance Monitoring

Use this service to request assistance with the Classroom Attendance Monitoring pilot or to request to join the pilot.

Poster Printing

Large-format printers capable of generating output with a width of 3 feet or more and a length of more than 10 feet are available in the Evansdale Library Computing Center.

Potomac State College Computer Support

Help with computer, printer and other problems at Potomac State College.

Potomac State College Student Questions and Complaints

Students at Potomac State College can submit grievances and appeals through this service.

Public Inquiry Submission

Public users, such as parents and potential students, may use this service to submit inquiries about financial aid, student accounts or services offered through the Office of the University Registrar.

Purchase a TeamDynamix License

Use this service to purchase technician licenses for TeamDynamix.

Purchase Duo Devices with Personal Funds

Purchase a device for Duo two-factor authentication using personal funds.

Purchase Fonts for WVU Use

Purchase fonts for you or your department.


QA Service Request

Quality assurance is all the planned and systematic activities implemented within the quality system that can be demonstrated to provide confidence that a product or service will fulfill requirements for quality. Part of Quality Assurance is quality control that is operational techniques and activities used to fulfill requirements for quality. Often, however, “quality assurance” and “quality control” are used interchangeably, referring to the actions performed to ensure the quality of a product, service or process.


Reassign Telephone and Voicemail Account

Request that an existing account be reassigned.

Reed College of Media Computer Support

Request help from Reed College of Media IT staff for your office computer or other device.

Remote Access to On-Campus Resources (MasterApps)

Systems to which direct access is possible only while on campus can be reached remotely using the MasterApps server.

Remote Instruction (Blackboard Collaborate)

Blackboard Collaborate can be used to conduct webinars, host online interactive sessions, or augment eCampus course materials with audio content.

Report a MAP Reconciliation Issue with Your IT Bill

Request assistance if you are unable to reconcile with MAP when accessing your bill.

Report a Suspicious Email

If you receive a suspicious email message and would like it to be analyzed, please forward it as an attachment to

Report a Suspicious Phone Call

Use this service to report repeated telemarketer calls or calls that you believe are showing a fake caller ID.

Report Requests

Use this service to request new reports, report modifications, report data, or get assistance with a report error.

Request a Mountaineer Card Replacement

Use this service to request a new Mountaineer Card.

Request a New WVU Tech Phone

Request a new WVU Tech telephone and voicemail account.

Request Access to IT Bill

Request to add or change access to an IT Bill for new or existing users.

Request ACL Change

Request a change in an access control list in order to expand or restrict access to a part of the university network.

Request Assistance for Mountaineer Cards

Submit a question regarding your ID or MyMountaineerCard.

Request Assistance for vCloud Air (VCA)

Use this service if you have questions about vCloud Air (VCA).

Request Assistance from the Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC)

The Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) provides academic support and resources to empower all who teach.

Request Assistance with a Blocked Site

Use this service if you have questions about blocked sites or believe a legitimate site is being blocked.

Request for Mountaineer Card to be Mailed

Online and off-campus students, faculty or staff may request to have their Mountaineer Card mailed to them.

Request Gaussian Software

Faculty and staff may install Gaussian on WVU-owned computers.

Request iClicker Help

iClickers, or personal response systems, let students use a handheld device to respond to questions posed in class. Compiled responses can be displayed in class or retained for analysis.

Request iClicker Instructor Kit

Instructors may request a kit to begin using iClickers in their classroom.

Request SSL Certificate

ITS can provide a SSL certificate for and websites.

Request Training from ITS

WVU faculty, staff or students may request help from the ITS Training group to create or present training on ITS supported applications, software or systems.

Request VPN Access

Use this service to request VPN access. Consultants wishing to request access must be a registered vendor as part of a FUNTECH contract or purchase order and have a WVUID.

Research Computing / High-Performance Computing

Request support or access from Research Computing to the high-performance computing clusters being maintained through a collaborative effort of researchers at WVU.

Research Corp Application Request

Use this service to request application work on a Research corp system. This service is not intended for access requests, general use or help assistance.

Residence Hall Internet Support

Request help with connecting a device or report a problem with the network in a Residence Hall.


Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Requests

Students who are not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards for financial aid eligibility may submit an appeal using this service.

Scheduled WVU Training

Information Technology Services has regularly training sessions for WVU staff, faculty and students.

Secure Shell (SSH) Gateway Access Service Request

Use this service to request a Secure Shell (SSH) Gateway for accessing shared computing resources from off-campus.

SharePoint (new site collection)

Web-based file sharing and collaboration for university offices and departments.

SharePoint Problem

Report a problem with an existing SharePoint site.

Skype for Business Online Audio Conferencing Service

Request a license to host or create Skype for Business Audio Conferences.

Skype for Business Online PIN or Conference ID Request

Skype for Business Online Conference Call new PIN or PIN reset request

Software for Personally Owned Computers

Request software for your personal computer.

Software for WVU Owned Computers

Discounted software for WVU owned computers.

SOLE Support

Request SOLE assistance.

Special Card Request

Use this service ticket if you want specialized cards for a conference/event. This should be completed by the conference organizer/sponsor at least 30 days prior to the event.

STAR INB, SSB, ARGOS or Workflow Account Requests

STAR accounts requests or requests to modify a user’s STAR INB, SSB, ARGOS or Workflow security

STAR Support

Request assistance for STAR SSB or STAR INB.

StarRez Access Request

Request or revoke access to the StarRez system for employees.

StarRez Support

Use this service to request support for the StarRez system.

Still Need Help?

If you can't find the service you need, use this page to submit a request to the ITS Service Desk.

Student CRM Individual Subscription License Request

Request a license to access the Undergraduate Admissions student Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Approval and department funding information are required to fulfill your request.

Student Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) Assistance

Request assistance with the student Customer Relationship Management system for Undergraduate Admissions.

Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI)

Faculty may solicit student feedback on courses electronically by working through the Student Evaluation of Instruction system.

Student Questions and Complaints

Grievances and appeals can be submitted through this service.

Submit Project Request

Complete the form to submit a preliminary project request to the ITS Project Management Office.

Support for Call Centers

Request software or systems for your campus call center.

Survey Software (Qualtrics)

Any current WVU student or employee with an active Login can obtain and use a WVU Qualtrics account.


TeamDynamix Application Request

Use this service for TeamDynamix requests. Submit Knowledge Base or Service Catalog changes, add and remove technicians, report errors or submit a general question about using TeamDynamix.

TeamDynamix Training Request

Request TeamDynamix training for assistance with effort reporting, ticket processes and more. When submitting this request select the TeamDynamix option.

Telephone Identification Number (TID) or Calling Card for Long Distance Calls

With a TID or Calling Card, you can make business-related international distance calls and send faxes from your office phone or fax machine and have the charge billed appropriately.

Telephone Problems or Repairs

Request repairs for your work phone or assistance with general phone issues.

TMA (Facilities Management)

TMA software is used by Facilities Management to track work orders and projects on the Morgantown, Potomac State and WVU Tech campuses.

Training Labs

How to reserve training labs across campus.

Transfer Equivalency Review Request

Request course credits to be evaluated for transfer equivalency. If you have an active WVU Login account, please sign in before submitting your request. Complete the form with information regarding the transfer course in question.

Transient Course Request

Advisors may use this service to submit Transient Applications for review.


Unix Account Request

Request access for login to Unix servers hosting a wide range of computer-based services.

Update or Change in Phone Service

Request updates or changes to your unit's phone service and billing information.

Update Your Preferred Name

Request a preferred first and/or last name to change how your name appears in WVU systems and your WVU email account(s). Please note that changing your preferred name does not automatically update your email account. Submit this request to ensure that your email address is modified to reflect your preferred name.

Update Your WVU Contact Information (MyHR)

Your postal addresses, phone numbers and emergency contact information can be updated through MyHR.


Virtual Desktop Request

Use this service for new virtual desktop requests or to request support for existing virtual desktops.

Visio Pro and Project Pro for Office 365

Use this request to order Visio Pro or Project Pro.

Voicemail Password Reset

Submit a request to have your existing voice mailbox password reset.

Volume Purchase Program (VPP) App Request

ITS technicians can use this service to request the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) App for mobile devices


W-2 Assistance

Use this service to submit your W-2 questions and a WVU Tax Service assistant will contact you.

Web Application Security Assessment

Information Security Services can conduct the required security assessment when a new web-based application is brought online, whether it is vendor-supplied or locally developed.

Website for Student Organization

University Relations-Digital Services will arrange for your student organization to have a place on WVU's website.

Website for University Unit

Ask University Relations-Digital Services for creation or redesign of a website for your WVU office or other academic or administrative unit.

Windows 10 Pilot

Windows 10 Pilot testers, use this service to record your ticket.

Wireless Support

Request support for WVU wireless networks.

WVU Emergency Alert System

Request assistance with WVU's emergency alert system.

WVU Extension Service Support

Request help from WVU Extension Service support staff.

WVU Hire Support

Request support for WVU Hire. WVU Hire is a university-wide job application system designed to streamline the employment process and applicant experience. All benefits-eligible employees have access to the system, allowing them to create requisitions for open positions in their department. Additionally, candidates both within and outside of the University are able to create user profiles to apply to faculty and staff positions.

WVU Institutional Repository of Scholarship (wvuScholar)

wvuScholar is a repository of scholarly work produced at WVU. It consists predominantly of doctoral dissertations, masters' theses and undergraduate honors theses.

WVU Online Directory Corrections

Request corrections for information displayed in the WVU Online Directory.

WVU Portal Support

Use this service to submit a request for WVU Portal assistance, changes to Portal, announcements and ALEKS Cohort Code changes.

WVU Stationery

Order WVU stationery or business cards.

WVU Tech Printing Services

Request assistance with printing at WVU Tech.

WVU Tech Student Questions and Complaints

Students at WVU Tech can submit grievances and appeals through this service.

WVU Tech Support

Request help from WVU Tech computer support staff.

WVU+kc (Kuali Coeus) Login

WVU uses the web-based application Kuali Coeus (known as WVU+kc) for submission of external funding proposals, electronic award notices and submission of human subject research protocols.

WVU+kc IRB Protocol Access

Request ability to create an IRB Protocol.

WVU+kc Notice of Award (Green Sheet) Access

Request view-only access to electronic notices of awards.

WVU+kc Proposal Access

Request access to the Proposal Development module in WVU+kc.

WVU+kc Requests

Request access or assistance for IRB Protocols, Internal Grants and Proposals.

WVU's Housing Portal for Students (MyHousing)

Request help with MyHousing, WVU's housing portal for students.