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Telephone Identification Number (TID) or Calling Card for Long Distance Calls


Telephone Identification Numbers (TID) or Calling Cards enable you to make business-related international calls or send faxes from university phones. Click Request TID Assistance to request a TID or Calling Card or cancel or change billing information. For more information about using a TID or Calling Card, view the TIDs and Calling Cards Knowledge Base article.

Note: If you need to request multiple changes at once, please attach a spreadsheet to your ticket request listing the changes.


Employees with a business need to make toll calls and have supervisor approval may request a TID.


There is no charge to request a TID, but there are charges when you use a TID to make a toll call. Your TID will be associated with the university account to be billed. Funding information is required when submitting your request.

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