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Departmental Copy and Print Card


WVU departments may request a Copy and Print card to be used for individuals or office pools. These cards:

  • are secure and shareable for copying and printing
  • allow for recoverable funds on an account
  • and they GREATLY simplify your financial processes by eliminating the need to reimburse employees.

 Click Complete Process to submit your information.


Any WVU department may use this service.

  • First, complete your Internal Transfer request through Mountaineer Marketplace. You will need your invoice # and the deposit amount when submitting this request.
  • If you have an existing copy card, please make note of the card# in your e-mail.  
  • Mountaineer Card Services will load the funds on to the copy card as soon as we receive confirmation of the money posting to MAP.
  • If a new card is needed, they will notify you when the funds are loaded and when the card is ready for pickup.


There is no charge for your first Mountaineer Card. There may be a fee for replacing lost cards.

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