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Skype for Business Online Audio Conferencing Service


An Office 365 Audio Conferencing license is required to host or create a Skype meeting that contains a dial-in phone number. Participants can then use the phone number to dial into the audio portion of the meeting.

Your request for a new Office 365 Audio Conferencing license must be submitted at least 1-2 weeks in advance and should include your name, phone number and funding source.

If you need to request a license, click the  License Request button to get started.


Any WVU main campus, Potomac State College, WVU Tech or WVU Research Corporation employee with Office 365 access may request a license.


Cost for this service is $1.63 per month per user. Licenses are charged for the term of our Microsoft contract prorated quarterly. The Microsoft contract is typically a three-year agreement. Funding information is required when submitting your request. 

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