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LaunchLab CRM Site Assistance

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The LaunchLab CRM Site was designed to allow LaunchLab staff to maintain a central location and repository for the collection of client information and business ideas. The site is contained within Microsoft SharePoint.

For general questions regarding services, events, or application processes, contact the LaunchLab at 304-293-9391 or

Click the LaunchLab CRM button for the following:

  • You need help using SharePoint. (You can also check out the SharePoint information on this site!)
  • The LaunchLab CRM Site is not working properly.
  • You would like to request an enhancement to the LaunchLab CRM Site.


Anyone with an active Login account may request assistance.


There is no charge to request assistance with the LaunchLab CRM system.

For additional information, check these categories in the Knowledge Base:

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Academic Resource Articles

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