Support for Mountaineer Card services, including Mountie Bounty, departmental copy/print cards, and Mobile Readers for event reporting.

Services (14)

Add Department Laundry Funds

Request laundry funds be applied to the specified employee.

CS Gold

CS Gold general questions and issues. Reports and Queries should be requested using the Report Requests link on this service page.

Department Authorized ID Replacement Request

WVU Supervisors or Managers can use this service to request a employee mountaineer ID card replacement. Cards must be issued within 5 business days or the request will be cancelled.

Departmental Copy and Print Card

Use this service to complete your Departmental Copy and Print Card request.

Merchant Request to Accept Mountie Bounty

Interested in accepting Mountie Bounty at your place of business? Submit a request and a member of Mountaineer Card Services will be in contact with you.

Mobile Reader

Borrow a mobile reader to track or manage attendance to a WVU event. You can also use this service to Purchase a Departmental Reader.

Mobile Reader Event Reporting

Request attendance reports if you have used Mobile Readers for past WVU events.

Mountaineer Card Charges & Refunds

Submit questions about charges to your Mountaineer Card or request a refund.

Mountaineer Card Contractor Requests

Request Mountaineer Card access for contractors.

Request a Mountaineer Card Replacement

Use this service to request a new Mountaineer Card.

Request Assistance for Mountaineer Cards

Submit a question regarding your ID or MyMountaineerCard.

Request for Mountaineer Card to be Mailed

Only WVU online students and off-campus employees can request to have their cards printed and mailed to them.

Special Card Request

Use this service ticket if you want specialized cards for a conference/event. This should be completed by the conference organizer/sponsor at least 30 days prior to the event.

Temporary Key Cards

Department request for Temporary Key Cards. Replacement card costs are $30.00/per card.