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Application and assistance request for WVU academic systems, including but not limited to Academic Application Request, advising support, LaunchLab assistance and SSC support.

Services (7)

Academic Advising Support

Students and their advisors can see up-to-date information on progress toward a degree by logging into the DegreeWorks system.

Academic Application Request

Use this service to request for application work on an ITS academic system. This service is not intended for access requests, general use or help assistance.

LaunchLab CRM Site Assistance

Use this service to request assistance with the LaunchLab CRM Site.

StarRez Support

Use this service to request support for the StarRez system.

Student Information System (STAR) Support

STAR (Students and Technology Achieving Results) is WVU's implementation of the Banner student information system.

WVU Portal Support

Submit a request for WVU Portal assistance.

Digital Measures' Activity Insight

Faculty and others in many departments at WVU use Activity Insight to record their teaching, research, and service activities.