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Paid printing services including special format printing, WVU stationery, copier management service.

Services (6)

Big Prints

Large-format printers capable of generating output with a width of 3 feet or more and a length of more than 10 feet are available in the Evansdale Library Computing Center.

Minolta Copier Service Request

Request service for a Minolta Copier.


Students and employees with an active Login and a sufficient Mountie Bounty balance on their Mountaineer ID cards can print at a variety of locations across campus by uploading a document to a secure web site or by sending the document by email to the address appropriate to the type of printing desired.

Network Printer

Request access to a networked printer from your computer or report a problem with such a printer.

Network Printers and Konica Minolta Copier Service Request

Use this service to request assistance with a Network printer or a Konica Minolta copier.

WVU Stationery

Order WVU stationery or business cards.