Email services, including email lists and calendars.

Services (9)

Assistance with an Office 365 Shared Mailbox

Request assistance with an existing Office 365 shared mailbox.

Employee Email Request for Students

Request an Office 365 account for a student employee or other approved person.

Faculty/Staff Account Assistance (Office 365)

All faculty and staff at WVU are provided an email account through Microsoft's Office 365 service, though the system for HSC is different from the one for other WVU campuses. The service also stores calendars, contacts, tasks and other useful information.

LISTSERV Problem or Change

Report a problem with or request a change in an existing LISTSERV list.

MIX Email Assistance

A Gmail account accessible through the WVU Portal or directly is provided for each teaching faculty member and student. Included with the account is access to unlimited Google Drive space for storing and sharing files.

New LISTSERV Mailing List (HSC)

HSC maintains a LISTSERV server that hosts announcement and discussion email lists owned by HSC faculty and staff.

New LISTSERV Mailing List (Morgantown Campus/PSC/Tech)

Morgantown Campus IT Services maintains a LISTSERV server hosting email lists for announcements or discussion. Any faculty or staff person may request creation of a new list.

New Office 365 Shared Mailbox

Request a new Office 365 shared mailbox for use by your department.

Office 365 Distribution Groups (Mailing Lists)

An Office 365 distribution group can be used to disseminate messages to a group of addresses in the same Office 365 system.