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How to change the order in which Outlook will search for email addresses in your Address Lists and Contacts.
Information about the Global Address List (GAL) and how to make it your default address book.
How to use the Scheduling Assistant in Outlook for Windows.
Learn how to change your junk email settings for Office 365 Outlook.
How to access MasterApps for the first time on your Windows computer.
How to create appointments in Outlook for Windows.
Steps for accessing your Office 365 email account on a Windows phone.
Learn how to download and install Microsoft Teams from Software Center and sign into it on your Windows computer.
Learn how to create an email signature in Outlook for Windows.
Steps for recovering deleted items in Outlook for Windows.
Outlook for Windows is set to not display images in messages by default. Directions for changing this default are available in this article.
Instructions for resolving the "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded" error message in Outlook.