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How to connect your Linux computer to WVU's wireless networks.
Students must provide their location each semester to access the WVU Portal.
Changing your Login password before it expires or in the case that you forgot your password.
On and off campus locations that accept Mountaineer Cards.
Training resources for applications, tools, and software supported by WVU's Information Technology Services.
Instructions for authenticating using a Duo Display token.
How to connect your computer or gaming device to the ResNet network using a wireless connection.
Steps for adding or disabling email notifications from TicketReturn.
Learn how to update your personal information (for WVU students).
WVU Men's Basketball student ticketing timeline.
Information about Mountie Bounty, WVU's convenient debit plan for students and employees.
Learn how to connect to the WVU Encrypted wireless network with Windows 7.
How to troubleshoot eCampus login issues.
Information about ResNet and its use policy.
Prospective and current WVU students can request to see credit equivalencies for courses they've taken or are considering.