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Support for when Firefox blocks links in STAR.
What to do if you can't click on links in STAR while using Google Chrome.
How to request NSC Enrollment or receive your Good Student Discount Verification.
How to withdraw from a single class through STAR.
How former students should access the STAR system (for example, to view their transcripts).
Link for direct access to STAR.
Detailed steps to follow when receiving a Break In Attempt error in the STAR web system.
When logging into STAR from the WVU Portal, the standard links are not showing.
User guides to help faculty use STAR (includes how to access STAR, how to view your class list, how to email your class and more).
How to email your classes and students through eCampus or STAR.
How to find your course schedule through the WVU Portal.
Information about Schedule Builder, including how to access Schedule Builder and how to get help.
How to change your security question in STAR.
How to pay student deposits in STAR.
Information about student academic records, including changing your name and major.