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Links to information about software licensing for Microsoft products.
Instructions for installing Office Mobile on your Apple iPhone/iPad or Android device.
Acronyms used by ITS.
Instructions for downloading Microsoft Office for personally-owned Windows computers.
Instructions for downloading Microsoft Office for personally-owned Mac computers.
Learn how to log into eCampus using your Login credentials.
Install the Workspace Client if you need to print or access a local drive.
Learn about Collaborate usage in SOLE, troubleshooting and seeking technical support.
How to troubleshoot SOLE login issues.
SOLE account creation and how to log into SOLE with WVU Login and WVU Healthcare usernames.
General information about WVU Alert (e2Campus).
Frequently asked questions about submitting human subject research protocols to the IRB via WVU+kc.
Desk side support information for the College of Education and Human Services.
View instructions for adding PCard and non-PCard transactions to the same report.
Information about Adobe Creative Cloud software for WVU students, faculty and staff.