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How to resolve common problems when using SharePoint.
Information about team and communication sites in SharePoint Online.
An owner of a SharePoint Online site can configure their settings so that access requests will send them an email when someone requests site permission.
Users should select 'Organizational account' when signing in to SharePoint Online to avoid receiving a "That Microsoft account doesn't exist" message.
Information about the collaboration and sharing capabilities for work groups in SharePoint.
Students will need to provide their Office 365 email address (e.g., when signing into SharePoint Online.
If the site is not listed as a Trusted Site in Internet Explorer, users may get the misleading message that the specified file is not a valid spreadsheet or contains no data to import.
Microsoft has deprecated the SharePoint Social Connector, causing Outlook 2013 users to see an "Unable to log in to: SharePoint" warning message. The SharePoint Social Connector can be deleted from the Social Network Accounts in Account Settings.