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When trying to review results of a Qualtrics survey, you cannot see the collected data even though several surveys have been submitted. You will see an error message: “An error occurred retrieving your data”. Force Qualtrics to re-index the data to view the responses.
Qualtrics is a web-based tool for creating and conducting online surveys. All current WVU employees and current students can use Qualtrics for WVU academic and WVU business purposes.
Basic information on using Qualtrics, an online survey tool available to all current WVU students and employees.
Survey project owners can create a new survey or update an existing survey using a WVU branded template.
Tips for creating, deploying, and managing surveys when using Qualtrics.
WVU does not allow generic Qualtrics accounts. As an alternative, departments and employees may request Qualtrics Groups.
Survey ownership can be transferred from one Qualtrics account to another. Surveys and other files in Qualtrics accounts from external institutions can be transferred to WVU accounts with approval from the other institution. Survey owners can export and import surveys manually.
How to share a survey project with another Qualtrics account holder.
You can use a Qualtrics contact list to send email invitations to participate in a survey. It is critical that you retain the "opt out" link at the bottom of the email message.
The browser's back button does not display a previous screen of questions within a Qualtrics survey or form.