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Office 365 email users have the ability to send and receive encrypted messages.
How to set permission levels for email messages and view confidential messages.
A "light" version of Outlook Web App is available for users who need a more accessible client, have a low-bandwidth connection, have browser problems with the full version, or who need access to special setting options.
Steps for accessing your Office 365 email account on a Windows phone.
Learn how to change your junk email settings for Office 365 Outlook.
How to locate and recover missing or deleted emails.
Steps to resolve database corruption for Outlook 2016 for Mac.
Inability to log into Outlook Web App after reclaiming Login account.
Learn about using and managing your retiree email account.
How to turn Clutter On or Off.
Directions for setting up forwarding and redirect rules.
Steps to set up a vacation rule in the desktop version of Outlook and information about managing or automating rules.
Troubleshooting for the OCSP response error message in Outlook.
Wait 20 minutes if you receive an account disabled message while trying to log into the Outlook Web App.
Descriptions of the various types of Office 365 email accounts.