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Learn about using and managing your retiree email account.
Directions for MIX Gmail users wishing to connect to their accounts through installed Outlook clients
Information about meeting room accounts and how full access delegates may manage these accounts.
Adjusting the time zone in Office 365 to show correct calendar times.
Creating calendar appointments using a mobile device.
What to do if Scheduling Assistant is not working.
How to use the Scheduling Assistant in Outlook for Windows.
MIX users may wish to configure Outlook 2013 to connect to their account. Though formal support is not in place for this process, it should be possible to make this work. Directions for seeing this up are included in this article.
Links to help you successfully search for emails in Outlook for Windows.
How to share and accept a resource sub-calendar or child calendar.
Inability to log into Outlook Web App after reclaiming Login account.
Information about the Booking Delegate for the meeting rooms listed in Outlook, including how to tell which room request was submitted first.
Learn how to change your junk email settings for Office 365 Outlook.
Learn how to add a shared mailbox folder to your Outlook account.
Inability to log into HSC Outlook account after changing Login account password