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Instructions for downloading Microsoft Office for personally-owned Windows computers.
When attempting to log in and download Microsoft Office ProPlus, a message may be seen indicating the account is not licensed, or the link to download the software may not be visible. This can be due to the Login account not having been claimed, or insufficient time having passed since claiming it.
Steps for connecting your Apple devices to your Office 365 email account.
Steps for connecting your Android devices to your Office 365 email account.
Find helpful links and training resources for Outlook email.
How to configure Outlook for Linux Evolution.
Learn about using and managing your retiree email account.
An overview of Office 365 and answers to common questions.
How to send emails and appointments through a shared mailbox in Office 365.
Learn how to request an Office 365 account for student workers and GAs.
Descriptions of the various types of Office 365 email accounts.
Students will need to provide their Office 365 email address (e.g., when signing into SharePoint Online.
Information about meeting room accounts and how full access delegates may manage these accounts.
Adjusting the time zone in Office 365 to show correct calendar times.
Creating calendar appointments using a mobile device.