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How to claim your Login to get access to WVU systems.
These are instructions for internal and external applicants to log in to the WVUHire system.
Users need to log out and back in to Windows after changing their Login password before trying to log into the StarRez client.
Generate bypass codes for Duo Authentication at
Visit the self-service page to turn on two-factor authentication for your account.
Links to Login tutorials and FAQ.
Learn about Login account expiration notification emails.
If your login account keeps locking, your devices may be storing an old password. Follow these troubleshooting steps to reset your password across devices.
Learn why you are still receiving an email reminder and how to stop it.
Changing your Login password before it expires or in the case that you forgot your password.
Read if you are a non-credit user trying to activate your Login through the Login Self Service site and are receiving an error message.
If you receive an error message while trying to access the Login Self Service site, you may need to claim your Login account.
How to unlock/reset your Login account if your password expires.
Workaround for issues with claiming your account using Internet Explorer 11.
Common WVU-AD login errors that users may receive.