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On and off campus locations that accept Mountaineer Cards.
Have a question about two-factor authentication? Start with our Duo Two-Factor Authentication FAQ!
After you have purchased the JMP software from SLIC/CRA, follow these instructions to install JMP on your computer.
Learn how to install JMP or update your license for SAS and JMP.
Steps to set up a vacation rule in the desktop version of Outlook and information about managing or automating rules.
Contacts and support for your projector.
Disturbances, after-hour building access, classroom access and access to technology lecterns and multimedia equipment.
Who to contact if you have problems with the audio-visual equipment in an iDesign classroom.
How to receive help preparing class content or setting up an individual or group training session for a classroom supported by the iDesign-Classroom group.
After hours support information for the iDesign Classrooms.
Find instructions to set up your phone for use with Duo two-factor authentication at WVU.
Instructions for authenticating to Duo using a passcode.
Instructions for setting up a U2F YubiKey token for Duo authentication.
Instructions for setting up two-factor authentication (Duo).
Steps to activate your Duo account through the Duo app after you've received a new phone, but kept the same phone number.