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Changing your Login password before it expires or in the case that you forgot your password.
Training resources for applications, tools, and software supported by WVU's Information Technology Services.
Learn about Mountaineer Marketplace, WVU's eProcurement tool.
West Virginia University policy on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
What to do if you're denied permission to the request link from the IT self service site (TeamDynamix) incident creation email.
Steps for updating or commenting on a ticket you submitted.
Learn about Login account expiration notification emails.
How to unlock/reset your Login account if your password expires.
Workaround for issues with claiming your account using Internet Explorer 11.
If you receive an error message while trying to access the Login Self Service site, you may need to claim your Login account.
How to claim your Login to get access to WVU systems.
Links to vendor information about private browsing.
How to use Safari's compatibility mode.
How to disable all browser plugins.
How to determine if a system or computer is on the blocked list.