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Acronyms used by ITS.
How to easily share a Knowledge Base article through email.
What to do if you receive a 500 Internal server error message while trying to access the IT self service site.
How to leave feedback on a Knowledge Base article.
Instructions for removed a service from your list of favorited services.
Steps for finding you WVUID using the Login Self Service site.
How to use Safari's compatibility mode.
How to set Internet Explorer to compatibility mode.
How to add websites to the list of trusted sites to fix errors in Internet Explorer.
Learn how to make your menu browser visible.
How to remove proxy server settings set by a virus.
Steps for locating the computer name on a Windows 7 computer.
Several of our automated ticket workflows have steps that require approval before we can continue work on the ticket. Learn how to approve or reject a request.
How to log into the IT self service site.
Learn about Mountaineer Marketplace, WVU's eProcurement tool.