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A variety of resources compiled by the ITS Training group that support WVU systems, applications and tools.
View answers to frequently asked W-2 questions.
If your login account keeps locking, your devices may be storing an old password. Follow these troubleshooting steps to reset your password across devices.
How to add websites to the list of trusted sites to fix errors in Internet Explorer.
Learn how to accept cookies for your browser.
What to do if you have Java problems while using Firefox.
How to leave feedback on a Knowledge Base article.
Learn how to get a temporary Login account for a guest, consultant or vendor.
Steps for finding you WVUID using the Login Self Service site.
Changing your Login password before it expires or in the case that you forgot your password.
Learn how to disable automatic updates to prevent updates that are incompatible with your applications or websites.
How to see what books you need for class, how to order your books, and contact information for WVU bookstores.
Learn how to use Google to search the Knowledge Base and Service Catalog for information and services.
How to easily share a Knowledge Base article through email.
How to add an attachment to a new or existing ticket.