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A guide for WVU Online and Extended Campus students for submitting their own Mountaineer Card ID photos.
How to Purchase a U2F YubiKey device or display token to use with Duo Two-Factor Authentication.
Learn more about WVU's identity management system and how to use your WVU Login credentials.
How to generate Duo passcodes in case you need a backup authentication method.
How to enable Duo notifications on your smartphone or tablet.
A list of the supported browsers for the IT self service site.
How to log into the IT self service site.
How to claim your Login to get access to WVU systems.
How to prepare an application for contractual readmission.
A list of MyPrinting locations across the WVU campuses.
Compare features of Office 365 Groups, LISTSERV Lists and personal contact groups in Outlook.
Information about Adobe Creative Cloud software for WVU students, faculty and staff.
Information about Autodesk purchasing and installation.
A variety of resources compiled by the ITS Training group that support WVU systems, applications and tools.
Common questions and solutions about the Mountaineer Card.