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Tips for troubleshooting problems with using gaming devices in the residence halls.
How to register a device's MAC address at
What to do if you receive a "Not Registered" status after entering a MAC address at
Instructions for accessing MAP from Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.
The required Java Runtime Environment certifications for different versions of browsers and Windows operating systems.
List of MAP job types with descriptions.
Information about event reporting with Mobile Readers.
Information about the CBORD Mobile ID app.
How to request a new MAP account, make changes to an existing account, or re-activate an expired account.
You can print MAP reports at the same time you request a report, or later after you have verified the report contains the information you need.
What to do if you receive an invalid session error in MAP while running reports, accessing a responsibility or clicking a link.
What to do if you receive a TNS Packet Writer error message while using MAP or Oracle.
If you can't get MAP to open, check your Java version and follow these troubleshooting steps.
The WVU Pass app is provided to improve the student experience during Welcome Week.
An introduction to the WVU Portal and answers to frequently asked questions.