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Have a question about web hosting? Read the Community FAQ.
Filelocker is a secure, temporary storage space used for exchanging files with people inside and outside of the University.
How to create a PDF in Windows using Acrobat Professional
Access STAR, WVU Portal and eCampus systems with your Login credentials.
How to email an invitation to anyone using the Request Upload function.
How to determine if a system or computer is on the blocked list.
Troubleshooting for PDF problems associated with Microsoft Office applications.
Learn how to troubleshoot common Community Web issues.
Information and guides for GradeSync in eCampus.
Learn about getting authorization and the activation code for StudyMate as a graduate assistant.
How to request administrator rights to your computer.
How to separate the icons on your Windows 7 taskbar.
How to email your classes and students through eCampus or STAR.
How to create, delete or rename a group in Filelocker and manage the group members.
Mac Sierra (10.12) users may experience an issue where Adobe Flash Player versions are blocked by Apple when vulnerabilities are discovered.