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Learn how to start creating your Community website. Community is a public web hosting service for WVU students, faculty, and staff.
How to share multiple files at once by placing them into a .zip file (for Windows users).
Changing your Login password before it expires or in the case that you forgot your password.
If your login account keeps locking, your devices may be storing an old password. Follow these troubleshooting steps to reset your password across devices.
Learn how to disable automatic updates to prevent updates that are incompatible with your applications or websites.
Instructions for viewing a shared mailbox folder in Outlook.
Learn about eCampus file size and data limits.
How to log into Open Education and where to get support if you need help with Open Education.
Steps to access STAR using Firefox, Google Chrome or a Mac computer.
When logging into STAR from the WVU Portal, the standard links are not showing.
What to do if a course you are teaching is listed as unavailable.
Have a question about transcripts? Start with our transcript FAQ.
Learn how to use Google to search the Knowledge Base and Service Catalog for information and services.
How to easily share a Knowledge Base article through email.
Users should select 'Organizational account' when signing in to SharePoint Online to avoid receiving a "That Microsoft account doesn't exist" message.