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After you have purchased the JMP software from SLIC/CRA, follow these instructions to install JMP on your computer.
Learn how to install JMP or update your license for SAS and JMP.
Steps to set up a vacation rule in the desktop version of Outlook and information about managing or automating rules.
Contacts and support for your projector.
Disturbances, after-hour building access, classroom access and access to technology lecterns and multimedia equipment.
Who to contact if you have problems with the audio-visual equipment in an iDesign classroom.
How to receive help preparing class content or setting up an individual or group training session for a classroom supported by the iDesign-Classroom group.
After hours support information for the iDesign Classrooms.
Find instructions to set up your phone for use with Duo two-factor authentication at WVU.
Instructions for authenticating to Duo using a passcode.
Instructions for setting up a U2F YubiKey token for Duo authentication.
Instructions for setting up two-factor authentication (Duo).
Steps to activate your Duo account through the Duo app after you've received a new phone, but kept the same phone number.
Instructions for removing an authentication device.
Acronyms used by ITS.
Information about using VoiceThread, a cloud application used to share and discuss media.
Learn how to submit a reimbursement report for transportation expenses paid from your own funds when you used your personal vehicle for work-related travel.
How to share a survey project with another Qualtrics account holder.
How to claim your Login to get access to WVU systems.
Changing your Login password before it expires or in the case that you forgot your password.
Learn why you are still receiving an email reminder and how to stop it.
Have a question about the WVU Directory? Start with the WVU Directory FAQ.
Steps for connecting your Apple devices to your Office 365 email account.
Have a question about web hosting? Read the Community FAQ.
Have a question about two-factor authentication? Start with our Duo Two-Factor Authentication FAQ!