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Information regarding the WVU admission application system for individuals applying for a graduate program.
Instructions for installing Office Mobile on your Apple iPhone/iPad or Android device.
Instructions for downloading Microsoft Office for personally-owned Mac computers.
Both charts and reports display information about the sales of your products and events.
How a store manager or store owner can request a refund for a customer purchase made at an eCommerce store.
You can add visual interest to your Home Page by adding a picture
Instructions for how to release and renew the IP address for your computer.
Learn how to add an image to your product.
How to list a product for your eCommerce storefront.
Follow these steps to get an individualized online storefront.
Information about eCommerce stores used by WVU units to sell approved goods and accept online payments.
What you should do and should not do when setting up Duo two-factor authentication.
Create a product template to capture information from the customer beyond standard payment data.
How to print from your computer to an installed MyPrinting printer.
You can give customers a coupon which will enable them to purchase the item at a discounted price.
Email templates are sent automatically to the shopper to confirm an order or alert the shopper to a credit card failure. These templates can be customized for your store.
Instead of using a personal wireless printer, use MyPrinting.
If you have a question about MyPrinting, check the MyPrinting FAQ.
A list of MyPrinting locations across the WVU campuses.
A list of MyPrinting features by location.
Step-by-step instructions for installing the MyPrinting software for Windows and Mac computers.
Print a document by emailing or uploading it to the MyPrinting site.
You can set up a volume-based discount.
Common questions and answers for students and instructors.
An instructor's email to a student's MIX account may sometimes be flagged as Spam, causing the student to miss an important communication. It is a good practice to add a filter to your MIX Gmail account to prevent an instructor's email from ever being flagged as Spam.