Duo is the name of the software WVU uses for authentication of your login to secure services. It provides a second layer of security in addition to your Login password. You can ensure extra security for your account by confirming your identity in two ways – with something you KNOW and something you HAVE.

Duo two-factor authentication allows you to choose one of several methods to confirm your identity. The most popular method is a “push” notification to your smart phone, which pops up a message on your phone that you can touch to confirm you are currently requesting access to a WVU system. The Duo app is free to download and is available for Apple, Android and Windows devices. If you do not carry a cell phone, you can also purchase a token device that will allow you to authenticate at the touch of a button.

Watch the Two-Factor Authentication introduction video to learn more about the enrollment and setup process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DF31LOnIzw&fea...

Articles (19)

Duo Two-Factor Authentication FAQ

Have a question about two-factor authentication? Start with our Duo Two-Factor Authentication FAQ!

How to Enroll in Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Visit the login.wvu.edu self-service page to turn on two-factor authentication for your account.

Setting up Duo Push Notifications

How to set up automatic push notifications to your phone or tablet.

Using Duo to Report Fraudulent Account Activity

If you report fraudulent activity through the Duo app, go to login.wvu.edu to reset your password.

How to Download Duo and Set up Your Phone

Find instructions to set up your phone for use with Duo two-factor authentication at WVU.

How to Generate Bypass Codes for Duo Authentication

Generate bypass codes for Duo Authentication at login.wvu.edu.

How to Set up Two-Factor Authentication

Instructions for setting up two-factor authentication (Duo).

Duo Two-Factor Authentication DO's and DON'Ts

What you should do and should not do when setting up Duo two-factor authentication.

How to Purchase a Duo Two-Factor Authentication Device

How to Purchase a U2F YubiKey device or display token to use with Duo Two-Factor Authentication.

How to Set up a Duo Display Token

Follow these steps to set up a Duo hardware token device for Duo authentication.

How to Set up U2F YubiKey Tokens for Duo

Instructions for setting up a U2F YubiKey token for Duo authentication.

How to Authenticate to WVU Systems That Require Two-Factor Authentication

Learn how to authentication with Duo, including your authentication options.

How to Change Your Authentication Method for Duo

Instructions for changing your authentication method for Duo.

How to Authenticate with a Duo Display Token

Instructions for authenticating using a Duo Display token.

Authenticate with Duo

Instructions for authenticating to Duo using a passcode.

How to Remove an Authentication Device

Instructions for removing an authentication device.

How to Set up a New Phone with Duo

Steps to activate your Duo account through the Duo app after you've received a new phone, but kept the same phone number.

I’m Not Getting an Authentication Request from Duo

What to do if you do not receive an authentication request from Duo.

Backup & Restore Duo Account

This feature lets you restore your existing Duo accounts when setting up a new iOS or Android device.