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Submit human subject research protocols via the IRB Protocol modules of WVU+kc.

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Pinned Article WVU+kc IRB Protocol Module FAQ

Frequently asked questions about submitting human subject research protocols to the IRB via WVU+kc.

Access an Old Version of an IRB Protocol

Find an old version of your IRB protocol.

Approve an IRB Protocol

How PIs and Departmental Chairs approve a protocol in WVU+kc.

Blank IRB Protocol Correspondence Letter

What to do if you receive a blank correspondence letter in WVU+kc.

Blank Page Received

What to do if you receive a blank page in WVU+kc while using Firefox.

Error Not Authorized to Create IRB Protocol

How to get access to create IRB protocols.

IRB Protocol 500 Error

What to do if you get a 500 error when trying to access or save a page in your IRB protocol.

IRB Protocol Document Locked for Editing

What to do if an IRB protocol document is locked for editing by another user.

IRB Protocol Status

Check if protocol is pending approval by PI, department chair or radiation/biosafety officers.

No Watermark on IRB Protocol Attachment

How to convert an IRB form to .pdf to add a watermark.

Non-Employee Needs Added to IRB Protocol

Adding a non-WVU employee to the WVU+kc system.

Not Able to Process an Action on an IRB Protocol

What to do if your IRB protocol is not functioning properly.

Questionnaire Page Validation Error

Information about questionnaire updates.

Unable to Find Saved IRB Protocol Amendment or Renewal

How to search for amendments/renewals in WVU+kc.

Update Permissions Page After Initial Approval in IRB Module

How to update the Permissions page after initial approval in the IRB module.