Digital Measures is the University-standard faculty reporting tool. View procedural information and the Digital Measures College Administrators contact list.

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Digital Measures College Administrators

View the Digital Measures college administrator contact list.

Digital Measures FAQ

Learn more about Digital Measures and why WVU has chosen to use this web-based faculty reporting tool.

Digital Measures College Administrator Procedures

As a Digital Measures college administrator, learn how to add a user, disable a user, manage user data and more.

Digital Measures General Faculty Procedures

As a WVU faculty member, learn how to add different types of information to your Digital Measures profile for reporting purposes.

Running & Submitting Digital Measures Faculty Productivity Report

As a WVU faculty member, learn how to run and submit your Faculty Productivity Report.

Running Digital Measures Personnel Review Access Report

As a department chair or committee member, learn the procedure for running the Personnel Review Access Report.

Uploading Faculty Evaluation Documents

As a department chair, learn about the annual review and promotion/tenure workflows and procedures