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Word, Excel and other Microsoft application information. For information about Outlook and Skype for Business, look in the Communication and Collaboration category.

Microsoft Office has a lot of great features that we do not cover extensively in our Knowledge Base, because the information is easily available online. If you need assistance with a Microsoft Office application that is unrelated to access or WVU policies, we suggest browsing the Outlook Support website ( ) or searching online.

When searching, be specific. For example, if you are trying to use a formula in Excel 2013, search for "Excel 2013" plus the specific formula. If you cannot find the information you need, try adjusting the keywords you are using in your search.

Articles (17)

Cannot Download Microsoft Office ProPlus

When attempting to log in and download Microsoft Office ProPlus, a message may be seen indicating the account is not licensed, or the link to download the software may not be visible. This can be due to the Login account not having been claimed, or insufficient time having passed since claiming it.

Credential Window Appears for Office 2010 Documents

What to do if a credential window appears when you download Microsoft Office 2010 documents.

Download Office Mobile for Android Phones

Instructions for downloading Office Mobile on your Android phone.

Excel File Appears to be Blank

Solutions to try if a Microsoft Excel file is blank.

Install Microsoft Office 365 for Mac on Personally-Owned Computers

Instructions for downloading Microsoft Office for personally-owned Mac computers.

Install Microsoft Office ProPlus for Windows on Personally-Owned Computers

Instructions for downloading Microsoft Office for personally-owned Windows computers.

KMS is Unavailable When Activating Windows or Office 2010

Learn how to troubleshoot volume activation errors for Windows and Office 2010.

Managing Install Status for Microsoft ProPlus

WVU faculty, staff and students may install Microsoft ProPlus on up to five devices. Learn how to check how many times you have installed ProPlus and how to deactivate your ProPlus license from a device.

Microsoft Office PDF Problems

Troubleshooting for PDF problems associated with Microsoft Office applications.

Microsoft Office Training

How to get Microsoft Office training through

Microsoft Products

Links to information about software licensing for Microsoft products.

Missing Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Download Link

Support for Office for Mac 2011 will end October 10, 2017. Mac users must upgrade their computer to install and use Office 2016 for Mac.

Office 365 FAQ

An overview of Office 365 and answers to common questions.

Office Mobile For Android Tablets

Instructions for installing Office Mobile on your Android tablet.

Office Mobile for iPad

Instructions for installing Office Mobile on your iPad.

Office Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch

Instructions for installing Office Mobile on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Outlook 2016 for Mac

Outlook 2016 is part of the Office 2016 for Mac suite. This article contains links to information on how to obtain and configure this software.