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WVU Hire (WVU's Job Application System)


WVU Hire is a new university-wide system that allows a quick and easy way for both Human Resources managers and hiring supervisors to create new position requests, review candidates and complete the entire hiring process online.

As an applicant, how do I access WVU Hire?

Go to to browse and apply for available positions. You will need to create a WVU Hire profile to apply for a position.

WVU Hire should be compatible with all browser types.

As a hiring supervisor, how do I access WVU Hire?

Log into MyAccess, click the MyHR tab and then click WVU HIRE.

If you are prompted to log in, enter your Login credentials. Read the Release Notes and click Continue.

This should take you to the WVU Hire home page.

Where can I find more information?

WVU Hire introductory classes and training materials

What if I have a problem or specific question concerning WVU Hire?

Contact the WVU Hire Help Desk:

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