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Claim Your Login Account


New faculty, staff, and students need to claim or activate their Login account through before they can access the WVU Portal, STAR, eCampus, WVU's wireless network and more.

How do I claim my account?

  1. Go to and click Claim Account.

  2. Enter your First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth in the corresponding spaces.

  3. In the ID Type drop-down field, select one of the following for which you know your corresponding number.

    • WVUID (West Virginia University/WVU Medicine provided 9-digit number)

    • WVU Employee Number (Option only for WVU employees)

  4. Enter the corresponding number for the ID Type you chose in the previous step.

  5. Click Find Me.

  6. Answer the validation question in the provided space by clicking the check box.

  7. Click Next once you have provided all needed information.
    Note: If your account has already been claimed, you will be redirected to the Reset Account page.

  8. If presented, read and accept the WVU Security Responsibility Statement to continue.

  9. If you are eligible, you may extend your password's duration from 90 to 180 days by completing a security quiz when claiming/resetting your account or changing your password. Please answer the questions and click Submit. You may also Opt Out at any time and proceed.
    Note: Individuals subject to HIPAA compliance will have required password changes automatically set to 90 days and will not be presented the option to complete the security quiz to extend their password expiration.

  10. Select three different challenge questions from the drop-down options, enter three different answers and click Submit.

  11. Create a password in the Password space and type it again in the Confirm Password space. A strength indicator to the right will show how effective your password is.
    Note: For specific password requirements, see the Change Your Login Password article.

  12. Click Submit to complete the process. If you have completed the process correctly, a Success! message will pop up along with stating your username. You will now be able to access your account with your new password.

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