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You can learn more about purchase approvals and complete an approval form on Procurement Contracting & Payment Services's Computer Purchases webpage.

Submitted for review:

When it says your request was submitted for review, it means your purchase was flagged for one or more types of reviews. There are five types of reviews, depending on factors such as cost, data stored, and type of purchase (software/hardware/hosting):

  • Purchase Review–A general review of the purchase. (Is functionality available in another system, is this redundant to an existing system/service, is additional input needed from other groups?)
  • Security Review–A review by Information Security is required.
  • Financial Review–The system was identified to be storing or processing financial information and needs to be reviewed by Financial Services prior to purchase.
  • Terms and Conditions–The Terms and Conditions of all software purchases over $5,000 must be reviewed by Procurement.
  • HSC Review–All purchases from HSC require a review by the ITS staff at HSC.



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