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MyPrinting FAQ


If you have a question about the MyPrinting service, check our MyPrinting FAQ below.

How long will my print job be available on the release station?

Your print job will be available for two hours.

I printed a job but did not release it to the printer. Will I be charged?

No, you will only be charged if you authorize the job to be printed at a release station.

My print job had errors or did not finish. What should I do?

Contact the department-level support staff for that printer. If you are unsure of the department-level support for the printer, contact the ITS Service Desk.

I get an error message when trying to print PowerPoint slides that I've uploaded or emailed to MyPrinting.

PowerPoint does not use letter paper size by default. You must resize your document before submitting it by uploading or email. View the How to Resize a PowerPoint Presentation to Letter Paper Size article for instructions.

I got the message "No suitable printer available: The selected printer does not allow some of your print job's attributes 'XXXXXX'. Please select another device or resubmit a revised print job."

This means that there is a setting in the print job that is not supported by the printer. Most often, the unsupported setting is an incorrect paper size, such as trying to print paper size A4 on a printer that only supports Letter size. Try using a different printer or changing the setting for the print job.

If you need to print a document to a printer that does not support the settings you require, contact the department-level support staff. If you are unsure of the department-level support for the printer, submit a ticket to the ITS Service Desk.

I swiped my card and got the message 'Transaction was denied.'

Try swiping your card again, making sure you slide the card straight down. If the problem persists, you should have your card checked by Mountaineer Card Services. You will also get this same error if you are using a card that has been reported lost or stolen.

There is a printer on the WVU Paid Printing system, but it is not available for Remote Print.

The department that owns the printer decides if the printer will be available for remote print.

Can I borrow someone else's ID card to print?

No, you are not allowed to borrow someone else's ID card to print. You will ONLY see print jobs sent to your own login username.

I tried to print from my mobile device on the MyPrinting website, but I couldn't find the Upload icon.

The Upload icon will appear once you switch to desktop browser mode. If you continue to experience issues on your mobile device, check the Quick Print Guide for an easy email printing option. 

Is faxing available?

MyPrinting does not support faxing. Student faxing is available at the Mountainlair Copy Center located behind the post office and the Evansdale Library Service Center located on the ground floor of the Evansdale Library.

What paper sizes are available?

All printer locations support the standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper size. Some locations support 8 1/2 x 14 and 11 x 17. To learn what features are available at each location, check out MyPrinting Features by Location.

Note: The email and web upload options only support the 8 1/2 x 11 paper size. If you would like to adjust advanced features, such as the paper size, use the traditional print option for your Windows or Mac.

I have additional questions or a problem with MyPrinting!

Submit a MyPrinting ticket to the ITS Service Desk.

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