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The Evansdale computing lab is equipped with two Hewlett-Packard DesignJet large-format printers which can output 36-inch wide (image area 35 inches) and 42-inch (image area 41 inches) and up to 128-inch full color photo-realistic posters, as well as CAD, mapping, graphic arts and engineering drawings.

Students and student organizations can print posters and other large-format documents in matte and gloss during normal Computer Lab hours. The printers are available as instant, self-service printers through the MyPrinting system. Staff are available during lab hours to provide support. Printing costs are about $0.59 per per square foot on matte paper or $1.08 per square foot for 36" and 42" wide high glossy photo paper.

Hours and location:

These printers are located in the Evansdale computing lab. View the Evansdale Library calendar for the latest information on building hours and closures.

Printing procedures:

  • Printing not completed by our published closing time will be allowed to continue unattended after the lab has closed. These prints can then be picked-up at the beginning of the lab's next business day. Please do not ask the lab staff to extend closing time to meet your printing needs, as it is against lab policy to remain open beyond our posted closure time.

  • Patrons who start or queue their print jobs and then leave the facility planning to return later to pick up the completed job do so at their own risk. Misprints, missing jobs, or other errors beyond the control of the lab crew are the sole responsibility of the patron, including the cost of said jobs. Remain in the lab while your job is being produced to verify that it is printing correctly and that it isn't inadvertently picked up by another patron.

  • Plotter time is based on a "first-come, first-served" basis. During busy time periods, please do not wait till the last minute to print your project. Queue times can be several hours long during busy periods and there is no way to change the job order.

  • Never touch the plotter control panel. If you have a question or problem, please tell a lab employee.

Pricing and sizes:

Refer to the chart below for standard print sizes and pricing.

Designation Size Matte paper cost Gloss paper cost
ANSI A 8.5x11 $0.39 $0.71
ANSI B 11x17 $0.77 $1.41
ANSI C 17x22 $1.54 $2.81
ANSI D 22x34 $3.07 $5.61
ANSI E 34X44 $6.14 $11.22
Architectural A 9x12 $0.45 $0.81
Architectural B 12x18 $0.89 $1.62
Architectural C 18x24 $1.78 $3.24
Architectural D 24x36 $3.55 $6.48
Architectural E 36x48 $7.09 $12.96

Note: For custom sizes using gloss paper (36" or 42" wide by up to 100 feet long) or matte paper (36" wide by up to 300 feet long), please call 304-293-3742 and make an appointment with one of our lab staff for consultation. Printing costs for sizes larger than those listed are about are $0.59 per square foot on matte inkjet paper, or $1.08 per square foot for on high glossy photo paper.


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