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All students and teaching faculty have a MIX Gmail account. Below is information about MIX Gmail to help you troubleshoot problems you may be having.

How do I access MIX Gmail?

MIX Gmail can be accessed a number of ways, including logging into the WVU Portal, visiting or setting up IMAP on your mobile device.

What is my MIX Gmail address?

Your email address is your Login username followed by ( Example: If your Login username is ambaxter, then your email address is

How much storage space is available?

25 GB for emails and 5 GB for docs on Google Drive.

Is there a limit on file attachments?

You can attach files up to 25 MB in size. If you want to send a file that is over 25 MB, you can send it using Google Drive.

Will emails be scanned for viruses?

Yes, mail coming into the MIX Gmail system is scanned for viruses.

I am an instructor. Will my MIX Gmail account automatically forward to my Office 365/Outlook email account?

No, this is a separate email account. This was done intentionally to allow more flexibility in your email. You can keep your email account separate and use the MIX Gmail account for only course-related email and use Outlook for your research and day-to-day emails. You can also easily forward emails that go to your MIX Gmail to your Outlook address if that is more convenient.

To forward your MIX Gmail account, follow Google's directions for enabling IMAP.

I accidentally deleted email from my new Gmail " account." Can it be recovered?

WVU does not have a way to recover deleted messages. Check your MIX Gmail trash folder.

Who owns the data if I upload documents?

You retain ownership of the documents on your MIX Gmail account.

Are there any forwarding restrictions?

You can set forwarding to any other personal account, although WVU is not responsible for any email lost due to incorrect forwarding or problems with the account to which you set up forwarding.

How can I log into my personal Gmail account and my MIX Gmail account at the same time?

Either use a different browser window to read your personal Gmail email or use the Add Account option under the email drop-down menu in the upper right.

How do I find the MIX Gmail address of another student?

Use WVU's online directory at

I can't send email. What should I do?

Make sure that you are using a supported browser version. If you still have problems sending email, click here to request help with your MIX Email account.

I am not receiving email to my MIX Gmail account. What should I do?

  • If you have forwarding set up on your account, make sure you are checking the correct account.
  • If you changed your password recently and can access your email on another device, make sure you are entering the correct password and have updated the password on your mobile device.
  • Check your quota. If you've reached your email quota, all incoming emails will bounce back to the sender.

How long will I retain my email address?

Now that the Gmail implementation has taken place, you will be able to keep your address indefinitely.

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