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Learn more about WVU's identity management system (login.wvu.edu) and how to use your WVU Login credentials below.

Login is the system used to create accounts for all WVU staff, faculty and students. It gives each person a unique set of credentials to access numerous University systems, including eCampus, Office 365 services, Portal and WVU.Encrypted Wi-Fi. Your Login credentials consist of an assigned username and a password you create.
  • Active WVU staff, faculty, students and admitted students
  • Emeritus retirees
  • Former students who registered for a course or graduated from WVU
  • Visiting scholars and students
  • WVU Foundation employees
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE) participants
  • Contractors working with WVU affiliates
  • Residents of the WVU Public/Private housing

Note: Parents and guardians must NEVER log into any WVU system using a student's username and password. This is a violation of WVU’s Acceptable Use of Technology Resources policy. Students can grant access to billing, financial aid and other information through the Parent/Guest Portal.

You have to claim your account and set your password before you can log into WVU systems. View the Claim Your Login Account article for instructions.
If you forget your password, go to login.wvu.edu and click Forgot password. You will need to answer your security questions you set at the time you claimed your account. If you don't remember the answers to your security questions, you will need to reset your account before you can set your new password. View the steps in the Unlock/Reset Your Login Account article.
Login passwords expire once every 90 or 180 days.* You should receive an email when your password is about to expire. View the Change Your Login Password article for instructions. If you don't change your password before it expires, your account will be locked. View the steps in the Unlock/Reset Your Login Account article to unlock your account and change your password.
  *Faculty, staff, and students whose positions have a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance requirement will be required to change their passwords every 90 days. If you do not have a HIPAA compliance requirement, you may complete a security quiz to extend your password to last 180 days.


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