Data Miner


Data Miner is a reporting tool that retrieves WVU's administrative data stored in MAP. This data includes:

  • Budgets and account totals from both state-appropriated and grant-funded accounts
  • Purchasing and payment information
  • Payroll data

Data Miner training:

An optional eCampus course teaches how to use Data Miner. Enrollment instructions are located on the page How to Enroll in the Data Miner eCampus Course.

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Getting access to Data Miner:

You must have access to MAP to retrieve information from Data Miner. The Business Information Service Request page contains an access request link for both MAP and Data Miner.

Data Miner FAQ:

View the Data Miner FAQ page.

How do I request a new report?

If you want to request a change to an existing report or a new report, go to the Report Requests service page. Provide detailed information about what you want the report to include.


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