Guest Football Tickets


Each student may purchase one (1) guest ticket if tickets remain available during the on-demand phase. The number of guest tickets available will be 500 or less.

Guest tickets are non-refundable and may only be purchased online. Guest ticket prices vary depending on the significance of the game.

The ticket will be for general admission in the Upper Deck or Senior Spirit Section 121. The location will be noted on the ticket.

How do I request a guest ticket?

  1. Go to TicketReturn ( during the on-demand phase.
  2. Sign into TicketReturn with your Login username (the username you use to log into the WVU Portal) and your TicketReturn password.
    • If you have never changed your password in TicketReturn, use your Login username to log in and the last six digits of your WVUID number.
  3. Click Claim Ticket.
  4. Claim 1 guest ticket.
  5. Print the guest ticket.

I get an error message when trying to request a guest ticket.

If you receive an "Error in Pricing" message when trying to buy a guest ticket, view the solutions in the Error in Pricing for Student Tickets article.

If you receive an "Invalid MID/TID" error message, the WV Treasury is experiencing a connection issue and is unable to process the credit card request. Please try again later.

My guest ticket says to present your student ID.

For guest tickets, disregard that disclaimer.

My card was charged multiple times for a guest ticket.

If you received more then one charge by the "WV Treasury" for your football or basketball guest ticket, contact the Athletic Ticketing Office at 304-293-3541 or 1-800-WVU-GAME.

You will need to provide your name and the card number that was charged.




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