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Request Basketball Tickets


WVU Men's Basketball ticketing runs the same as WVU's Football ticketing, except Basketball tickets are distributed in blocks. 

How do I request a basketball ticket?

Request your basketball ticket through TicketReturn ( The process for requesting basketball tickets is similar to the process for requesting football tickets. View our Request a Student Ticket for the First Time article to learn how to use TicketReturn or check out the WVU Student Ticketing Process video for a demonstration.

Unlike football tickets, you can request basketball tickets in blocks. The first two games of the season are very close together. You will be able to request tickets for those two games at the same time. Students who do not participate in the lottery (request and claim) phase have until the start of the game to request remaining tickets. To view the phases for each game, go to and click Basketball Distribution Schedule.

Are you a WVU student at a regional campus?

Contact the Ticket Office at least one day prior to the game to see if there will be any tickets available for regional students.

Are you a Men's Basketball Maniac (MB Maniac)?

If you are a Men's Basketball Maniac, you will have the MB Maniac option. In order to receive your guaranteed ticket, you must select MB Maniac during the request period. Ultimate Maniacs are not guaranteed basketball tickets.

Note: In order to become a Men's Basketball Maniac, you need to have gone to the pre-game event, stayed for the Gold/Blue Debut, and typed your information on provided laptops.




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