Backup & Restore Your Accounts in Duo for Android


Your Android device can backup your Duo account information (WVU account and others) by syncing them to your Google Drive storage space using Duo Restore. This feature lets you restore your existing Duo accounts when setting up a new Android device. Please make sure you are running the latest version of the Duo Mobile app on your Android device.

To Enable Duo Restore on your Device

  1. Install the Duo Mobile app from the Google Play app store.
    1. Open the Google Play store.
    2. Search for ‘Duo Mobile’.
    3. Install the application on your phone. Duo Mobile is free to download and install.
  2. Once you have installed the Duo Mobile application on your phone or tablet, set up and activate your WVU Duo account.
    1. You may be prompted to enable Duo Restore while adding your first Duo account.
  3. To enable Duo Restore on your account for future backup and restoration of your accounts, tap the menu icon (…) at the top of the Duo app.
  4. Tap Settings, then tap Duo Restore.  The Duo Restore options page will open.
  5. Turn on the Connect to Google Drive option to allow backup of your Duo account information.
  6. Choose an account to connect to your Google Drive, where your Duo account information will be stored. Note: Duo only stores non-sensitive account information on Google drive.
  7. You must sign in to your Google/gmail account to enable backup.
  8. After you sign in (or create a new Google/gmail account), you will see a notification that setup is complete. Duo accounts will now be backed up to your Google Drive space.

To Recover Duo Accounts on a New Phone or Tablet

  1. When you get a new Android device, download and install the Duo Mobile app from the Google Play store (as above in step 1).
  2. Open the Duo Mobile app.
  3. When asked to add an account, tap the option to Get Account Back.
  4. Select the Google/gmail account you used when setting up Duo Restore. Duo will retrieve your accounts, and they will be visible on the Duo Restore screen and on the main Duo accounts list.
  5. Tap the Reconnect button next to your WVU Duo account in the accounts list.
  6. After you tap/click to reconnect your accounts, you will be asked to log in with your WVU Login credentials, and authenticate your login by:
    1. Entering a passcode you have already obtained from the Service Desk, the self-service page, or one you have generated from another Duo-connected device;
    2. Using a Duo display hardware token;
    3. Using another Duo Push capable device, like a tablet.
  7. After authenticating, your new Android device should be connected to the Duo service and ready to authenticate your access to WVU applications.


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