WVU Libraries Reserves (eReserves)


Faculty can place class materials on the Library's eReserves system to allow for easy distribution. Sometimes students will be asked to access the system to read materials for homework. Items in eReserves are available only to students enrolled in a class and can be accessed from anywhere. Learn more at WVU Libraries Reserves.

How do I access the eReserves system?

  1. Go to reserves.lib.wvu.edu.
  2. Click Log In from the left side menu.
  3. Sign into the eReserves system using your Login username and password.

Note: Resident borrowers without a WVU Login need to visit a library to get a temporary account from the reference desk. Email ask_a_librarian@mail.wvu.edu, or call one of the following:

What if no classes are available or my class is missing when I log into eReserves?

Only classes associated with Reserves will be displayed. You may not see all your classes listed, since not all instructors utilize the Reserves services. Your instructor may not post materials at the beginning of the semester. If your instructor asks you to read materials on eReserves and you do not see your class, talk to your instructor.

If you have any other questions about this system, contact Reserves at 304-293-2640 or email eReserves@mail.wvu.edu.




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