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Parent/Guest Portal FAQ for Students


The Parent/Guest Portal provides a method by which a University student may grant a third-party access to his or her records. Now, information that is protected from disclosure pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), such as grades, financial aid details and student account/billing information is maintained in a secure online environment.

If you are a student, and you have a question about the Parent/Guest Portal, read through our frequently asked questions:

What is the STAR Parent/Guest Portal?

You can create an account for a parent/guest, and authorize them to view some of your information in STAR, such as account/billing information, financial aid, grades, course schedule and housing/dining information. The parent/guest is able to access this information by logging into the Parent/Guest Portal with the account you created for them.

What is the “Passphrase” on the proxy Profile tab?

You can assign a word or phrase to each parent/guest, which the individual must use to verify their FERPA identity for phone calls or other offline queries to WVU offices. If you have questions about FERPA, please refer to You are responsible for communicating this FERPA passphrase to your parent/guest. The E-mail Passphrase button on the Profile tab will send it to them in an email message.

How can I reset my parent’s (or guest’s) PIN?

You can reset the PIN of a parent/guest by clicking the Reset Pin button on the Profile tab for that parent/guest. The parent/guest can also reset their PIN by clicking the Forgot PIN button on the login page.

What are the start and stop dates on the Profile tab?

These dates determine when a parent/guest account is active. If the Start Date is in the future or the Stop Date is in the past, the account is inactive, and the parent/guest cannot view your information.

Once a page is enabled (or authorized), can I disable the page (or revoke authorization)?

Yes. Go to the Authorization tab for the parent/guest, and uncheck the box beside the page you wish to disable.

Can I delete a proxy (parent/guest)?

The proxy (parent/guest) cannot be deleted. To disable the account, set the Stop Date on the proxy’s Profile tab to yesterday’s date.

My parent/guest lost the “New proxy identity” email message with the link to activate their account? What can I do?

All email communications can be resent via the Communication tab.

What if I used the wrong email address when creating the parent/guest (proxy) account?

Set the Stop Date on the Profile tab to yesterday’s date to immediately disable the account.

After establishing the relationship on the Profile tab, I see the warning message, “The proxy PIN is disabled”, on the page. What does it mean?

This message will disappear once the parent/guest (proxy) logs in and sets their PIN/password for the first time.

Can my parent/guest (proxy) update my information?

No. Parents/Guests can only view your information, and that is limited to what you authorized.

How many parent/guest (proxy) accounts can I create?

There is no limit to the number of proxy accounts you can create.

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