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Error in Pricing for Student Tickets


If you received an "Error in Pricing" message while trying to claim you or your guest's ticket, try one of the following solutions.

Did the game go to a lottery and is it still in the Claim period?

  • Try to request a ticket when the Print-On-Demand period begins. To see when the Print-On-Demand period begins for a game, check the distribution schedule at

Did the game not go to a lottery?

  • You have to have an Upper level ticket. If you requested a Maniac or Lower level ticket, you need to switch to the Upper level ticket section.  If you do not have this section available to you wait until the Print-On-Demand period begins.

Is the game in the Print-On-Demand period?

  • If you can not purchase guest tickets in the Print-On-Demand period, then there are no more guest tickets available.



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